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Full Moon in Capricorn - June 24, 2021

Full Moon in Capricorn - June 24, 2021



On Thursday, June 24, we will be having a Full Moon in Capricorn, and it is what we desperately need after a hectic eclipse and Mercury retrograde season. This full moon is also called a strawberry full moon and is the last super-moon of the super-moon cycle in 2021, it means that the moon will appear larger than usual and have a golden hue to it during sunset. 


Full moons are always a time for culminations, endings, and illuminations. Things may come to an end to open better doors ahead. Things may be coming out from the darkness to provide light for your path. Everything that comes to light is always for your highest good.


Capricorn believes that hard work always pays off. It won't stop at anything until they have reached their goals, and nothing and no one can stand in their way. Usually, with full moons, especially with Capricorn full moons, we get a lot of intense energy. However, this time around, it's rather sweet and inspiring. Your emotions may be heightened during this time because we are in Cancer season, but that is never bad! It will help you connect with your goals even better as your intuition is working with you.


Think about what intentions or goals you may have had around the Capricorn new moon, which was on January 13. Did you take any steps to achieve these goals or put these intentions into action? If you have been putting in the work, the rewards are ready to come to you during this full moon. 


During this time, we are ready to manifest again and realign with our highest self and purpose. It is time to sit down and think about what is serving you versus what is not. Get rid of the old, so you can pave the way for the new. Luckily, Jupiter is working harmoniously with both the sun and the moon so it's going to give us that extra push of inspiration and luck that we have been waiting for. This is the perfect time to manifest your truest desires with such powerful energy, but make sure you release all that no longer serves you in order to have space for what does serve you.


To find out which area of your life you will be feeling this energy the most, locate where 3 degrees Capricorn is in your chart. We like to use the website to generate our chart and find the degrees. 


If you would like a tutorial on how to do this, please watch this video:



Crystals to use during this time:

Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Garnet

Roll-On to use during this time:

Root Chakra Roll-On



I hope you all have an amazing full moon and get to use this energy to cultivate the life of your dreams.



Love and Blessings,

Seventh Sense Team


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