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New Moon in Leo - The Light to Infinite Abundance

New Moon in Leo - The Light to Infinite Abundance

Welcome to one of our favorite New Moons! This New Moon is special for a handful of reasons, one of them being that our potential is boundless and easily activated. Leo season is all about being bold and brave. It’s a time where we embrace our inner lion and take the lead for our own lives. Luckily for us, the New Moon in Leo on August 8, 2021 will amplify this energy tenfold. The New Moon is going to be at 16 degrees at 6:49 AM PST, but we will start to feel the effect of it 3 days before and proceed with the energy 3 days after.

This is perhaps one of the most beneficial days throughout the year to put a plan into action and plant new seeds to bring forth abundance. With the support of the Sun, Moon and Mercury being in Leo all at once, it is the perfect time to dig deep into our passions and feed what keeps us feeling alive and motivated. What is it that you want to create in your life? Now is the time to let this creativity shine through and manifest it into reality. Leo loves to shine and display their talents. Which one of your talents would you like the world to see? Put it into action and don’t give up.

Not only do we have such a powerful New Moon, but we are also experiencing the Lion’s Gate Portal on the same day! Every year we experience August 8 as being the Lions Gate Portal but this year is especially special because it coincides with the New Moon in Leo. The Lionsgate Portal comes around every year when the rising star, Sirius, appears in our sky. Sirius is a star that helps us unlock our greatest potential and brings us closer to our higher self and universal consciousness.  As a whole, this is the perfect time to manifest ANYTHING you truly desire. With such powerful energy supporting us from the universe, it's a great opportunity to claim what you want as if it's yours, simply because it is. 

On top of all this magic, August 8 is considered the day of 88 in Numerology, essentially meaning that it's a prime day for abundance and spiritual activation. In other words, Sirius is here to help us tap into the higher frequencies of the universe and activate our spiritual DNA.

During this time as well, we have the New Moon squaring off with the planet of change and rebellion, Uranus. Uranus is here to shake things up and help bring forth change in order to help you accelerate on the right path. The best way to take in this energy is to be flexible to change, whether that is small or big, and be confident that the universe always has your back. This change is going to be progressive and the best thing to do is be open minded and self aware to receive these blessings. 

Both the New Moon and the Lions Gate Portal helps Uranus show us the gift that Uranus brings. Uranus is known to help us connect to our higher consciousness as well as open our third eye. Use this time to really dive into your spiritual practices. From meditation to connecting with your spirit guides, this is the perfect time to connect with the universe and all it has to offer.  

All in all, this is the perfect day, even week, to take advantage of the powerful and supportive energy of the universe. This is a time to step into what you truly want, stand out and believe in your power to create. Believe in divine timing and divine experiences, and you will attract the life of your dreams. 

Lead with your heart, always.

Love and blessings,

Seventh Sense Team


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