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The Great Conjunction: Magic and Manifestation

The Great Conjunction: Magic and Manifestation

As 2020 comes to an end, we start by welcoming 2021 energy through the Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction, also known as “The Great Conjunction”. On December 21st, 2020, Saturn and Jupiter will align the closest it has ever been since 1226. In general, the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn happens once every 20 years, but this specific planetary movement happening this year is very important and one for the books on a social, political and personal level because it is in the air sign of Aquarius.

Aquarius is all about positive innovation, social and political change, rebellion, humanitarianism, and science and technology advancements. Jupiter has to do with optimism, expansion, luck and abundance while Saturn is all about discipline, restriction and hard work. When a conjunction happens between any planet, they blend and work well together, raising all the right vibrations.

In this case, Jupiter and Saturn are working in favor of each other, making it possible to achieve our wildest and biggest goals all while setting a legit plan and how to get there and achieve those goals. Along with our personal lives, both of these planets have to do with societal constructs so we will see a big change occurring within our society, science and governments. Whether we are ready or not, there are big, progressive changes coming into our lives.

Let’s talk about Aquarius:

Aquarius is the sign of the visionary. It is the sign that opens the minds of all and challenges your beliefs by bringing about new ways of thinking and new ideas to reform society. Given that the Great Conjunction is happening at 0 degrees in Aquarius means that there will be a completely new beginning for everybody.

You may feel some sort of energy shift whether it's conscious or subconscious. On a wider scale, this means that as a society we get to scratch our old habits and ways of thinking and bring in a mindset of freedom, justice, empathy, equality and boundless visions.

How to take advantage of this alignment:

Jupiter and Saturn have to do with chapters in our lives, rather than day to day occurrences. This is why manifesting the life you truly want and letting go of old habits on December 21st is crucial. This may feel uncomfortable to those who are not on board with change, but change is important. Without change, we will never step out of our comfort zones and learn all there is to learn. Once you are open to accepting that, you can open the doors to unlimited possibilities.

Jupiter allows us to reach deep into our souls and realize what we are passionate about and bring that into fruition. The “larger-than-life” energy that Jupiter presents helps you direct your vision on the life path you want to take. Saturn will help you keep the structure, path and discipline you will need in order to fulfill your desires. What a perfect blend and balance of energies!

Here is a ritual you can utilize on this special and magical day:

  1. Meditate: The most important part of your day today is meditation. This will help you clear your head space and align your mind and body to what you truly want to achieve. Shut everything out for about 20 minutes and dive into your inner self.
  2. Release: In order to make room for the new, you must release the old. As 2020 comes to a close, we must leave behind all that is not serving us for our highest good. Make it a plan sometime today to write down all you wish to release and follow that by burning the paper (with extreme caution).
  3. Journal: This is an important time to manifest your biggest and most passionate goals. Grab your pen and paper and write down all you would like to achieve and bring to fruition. As you are writing your manifestations, write it like you already have it (present tense). This is a very powerful universal energy to be working with, so use it to your advantage!
  4. Affirm: Believing in yourself and your power will grant you all that you desire. After you have meditated, released and manifested, review all your intentions and say them aloud to yourself. Believe in the power of your words and your mind so the universe believes in you.

Tools you can use:

Crystals: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Moonstone, Celestite, and Moldavite.

Essential Oils: Our Third Eye Essential Oil Roll-On is an amazing blend for all the right essential oils to utilize on this day. The Third Eye rules Aquarius so this would be the perfect little tool to advance the Aquarian energy.

Musical Frequencies: 963 HZ for Manifesting.


We wish you all eternal blessings on this magical day!


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